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Manual tasks take up much of the time you spend managing your network. Automating your network management processes can reduce the time you and your staff spend managing your network. We can help you programmatically automate both simple and complex processes to optimize your SolarWinds and other network investments.

Why Automate Your Network Management Processes?

  • Perform repetitive tasks efficiently
  • Improve accuracy of entered data
  • Standardize processes
  • Free up time for other more important activities

Orchestrate Complex Tasks such as Application and Systems Integration

Using application programming interfaces (APIs), we can integrate and connect multiple systems to enhance your ability to easily manage your network within SolarWinds.

These integrations are often technically complex and difficult to execute, but Tobias International has extensive experience implementing complicated integrations across technologically diverse network environments.

Here's one example of a complex process that we have built and automated for our clients:

  • An alert fires from Solarwinds NPM (or other monitoring system).
  • A trigger action causes information from the alert to be forwarded to a custom script/API
  • The custom script/API uses logic to make various enhancements to the original data, and if appropriate, executes actions to create a ticket in your ticketing system

What We Can Automate Using SolarWinds API

We’ve used SolarWinds Orion API to help our clients integrate SolarWinds Orion products into larger organizational workflows.
Some of the ways we have leveraged the Solarwinds API include:

  • Created a self-service portal where staff could submit a ticket to automatically unmanage bulk nodes in SolarWinds
  • Enabled automated ticketing triggered by network activities in ServiceNow and other ticketing systems, without needing to purchase specific modules required for native integration
  • Automated discoveries of new monitoring objects based on a service request ticket
  • Automated creation of complex nested groups and dynamic queries

Our Expertise

Our skilled developers are experts in using various product APIs, including the SolarWinds API, to automate network processes. If you have a need for greater orchestration in your environment, contact us to speak with one of our experts to see how we can help.

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