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We encourage veterans and transitioning military to join our team. Tobias International employs thousands of veterans, and we are committed to hiring military candidates and assisting our veteran employees. As you prepare to transition from military service or if you are currently a veteran seeking a military-friendly employer, we value your perspective, unique skill sets and first-hand knowledge of our customer’s needs. Tobias International values the integrity, leadership and accountability instilled through military service. These are cornerstones of our organization.


When employed by Tobias International, you will experience the advanced solutions you create at work in the military, government and business worlds. You will see your innovations in both the hands of people who serve our nation and at the forefront of business. You will observe your products accomplishing what was thought to be impossible even just a few years ago. We are searching for engineers in every discipline to meet the diverse demands of our customers.


Tobias International is a high-performance organization where managers play an important role in executing our unique, balanced business model. We continually lead our industry by employing managers that have the leadership, drive and vision to lead people around them and can direct projects relevant to the daily lives of our customers in a disciplined manner. In turn, we seek talented professionals who are committed to promoting Tobias International’s core principles: strict ethical standards, continuous improvement and financial performance.


World-class development is a key element of Tobias International success. Tobias International designs, develops, deploys and services a comprehensive offering of advanced custom communication monitoring software. Tobias International is a global leader in producing, supporting and sustaining land and expeditionary combat communication systems for the U.S. military and its allies. If you are seeking a hands-on job in software, Tobias International has opportunities available to build advanced communication monitoring systems for both the defense and commercial sectors.


Tobias International offers a wide variety of opportunities to professionals in areas of business administration, legal, human resources and more. We are always looking for incisive and talented individuals in accounting, finance, marketing and legal to support our business units and who will continually make Tobias International a leading employer across the globe. We look for leaders that will promote the company’s diverse recruiting strategies, support employees and establish the policies that make Tobias International a place to build a career.

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