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As a SolarWinds Learning Partner, Tobias International cultivates deep expertise in all SolarWinds technologies, staying current and knowledgeable in both legacy and new SolarWinds releases. We offer training on SolarWinds' entire product line, and we deliver that training according to your organization's needs, whether it be onsite or remote.

SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Training

The SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) certification is a highly valued IT certification that validates an individual's expertise and skills in Network and Enterprise Monitoring. Tobias International’s SolarWinds Training programs are geared toward getting students trained and certified with the minimum amount of downtime away from their other professional responsibilities.

Flexible Training Options

We offer flexible training options for one to many students in a variety of settings onsite and remotely, and we can use your existing lab environment or provide our mobile lab for your use. Those options include:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Live online training (WebEx)
  • Boot Camps
  • Onsite training
  • 1-on-1 training

Turnkey, Onsite Training via Our Mobile Lab

Tobias International can provide training anywhere in the US via our mobile training lab. Our lab is a mobile classroom environment equipped with laptops, network devices, and independent network connectivity (eliminating the need for external WiFi). We create a virtual machine for each student, and give each student their own SolarWinds instance to customize.

Students only need to arrive at the designated location, such as a company or hotel conference room, for SolarWinds network management training from Tobias International's highly experienced and effective training staff.

Tobias International Mobile Lab
Student Experience
Each student is assigned a laptop
Laptops allow students to remote desktop to their dedicated server
Each dedicated server contains an individual SolarWinds instance
Each SolarWinds instance allows unlimited customization
These SolarWinds instances will allow for training on multiple SolarWinds modules*
*Except NTA and LEM

Tobias Mobile Lab
Sample Training Courses

Below is a sample list of courses we offer, however, we can also tailor our training to your organization's needs:

  • SW-CORE: SolarWinds Boot Camp. This course prepares the individual for the SCP certification test, and topics include NPM, NCM, SAM, NTA, VNQM, UDT, and IPAM (5 days)
  • SW-NETM: Network Fault, Performance, and Configuration. Topics include NPM, NCM, and NTA (3 days)
  • SW-SERV: Network and Server Management. Topics include NPM and SAM (3 days)
  • SW-API: Advanced SolarWinds Concepts. Topics include SDK, API, and REST (3 days)
  • SW-LEM: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Boot Camp (4 days)
  • SW-WHD: SolarWinds Web Helpdesk Boot Camp (3 days)
We Help You Maximize Your SolarWinds Investment

We maximize the return on your SolarWinds investment during our training courses by:

  • Exploring best practices
  • Taking deep dives on features/capabilities
  • Creating detailed sample customizations specific to your environment and organization for practical application to better ensure knowledge retention

For more information on training we can provide you, please contact us.