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Network Optimization


Tobias International’s Network Optimization service maximizes the rate of return on our clients’ enterprise network investments. Although the Tobias International’s Network Lifecycle Methodology has built-in optimization at every stage, Tobias International offers both long- and short-term optimization services for clients with operational networks who are not yet ready to invest in new equipment.

Long-term services typically address cost containment and network utilization issues related to the backbone architecture and infrastructure, while short-term projects focus on optimizing workgroup, departmental, building, or campus network investments. Tobias International consultants can also assist in optimizing “logical” networks by addressing a protocol, service, or application that operates in the larger context of the client’s enterprise network. Many of the analysis tasks required for optimization can be automated by Tobias International’s TotalVision performance management software.


Tobias International’s Network Optimization service includes:

  • Bandwidth allocation analysis and recommendations
  • Network traffic analysis and recommendations
  • Network process re-engineering
  • Knowledge transfer to client personnel on key networking issues and topics


Performance, budget, ease of use, time to market, and accessibility are just a few of the criteria that Tobias International consultants carefully balance to achieve the desired network environment. With the combined know-how of our worldwide team of professionals via Tobias International FykeNet, our collaborative on-line solutions resource, the client is assured of an objective assessment of technology and network solutions. Tobias International is also distinguished from other networking service providers by its mentoring and transfer of knowledge to clients both during and after the client engagement.

Client Deliverables

Network optimization deliverables are highly customized to the client’s specific priorities and requirements. Tobias International has considerable expertise in the following sample optimization projects:
Achieving bandwidth optimization while reducing telecommunications costs
Analyzing network application problems and finding appropriate workarounds
Improving overall network performance while minimizing operational disruption


Tobias International’s Network Optimization service is available both on a project basis and as long-term supplemental staffing. Typical engagements for project-based optimization efforts last from four to eight weeks. Longer-term efforts often start at three months and may be renewed for six or twelve months.

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