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Network Operations

Tobias International's Network Operations service assists clients with the ongoing tasks necessary to keep their networks operating at an optimal level. Tobias International provides operating staff, second- and third-level support teams, and operations management.

Tobias International consultants have extensive experience with proprietary networks working in an open systems environment. In addition, Tobias International's TotalVision software can help clients monitor, measure, and manage network and application performance and availability.


Specific operations activities often include:

  • Network administration, including management of user accounts, service level monitoring, and network accounting practices

  • Managing the change control process, including planned network outages
  • Network utilization analysis, with ongoing measurement of network activity against established network baselines
  • Ongoing documentation of physical assets, logical topologies, policies, procedures
  • Network troubleshooting, fault detection, isolation, repair, and restoration
  • Alarm management, problem diagnosis, and dispatch of service resources
  • Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures
  • Performing or supervising routine moves, additions, and changes

The challenge of keeping a network operating at its full potential can often overwhelm an in-house staff, especially with the unpredictable, fluctuating workloads common in today's IS organizations. Tobias International consultants provide the supplemental staffing and specialized skills needed to meet that challenge. Tobias International's Network Operations service, like all Tobias International services, includes thorough documentation of processes, so that the knowledge gained during an Tobias International engagement is effectively transferred to the client.

Client Deliverables

Tobias International believes that optimal network performance depends on optimal network operations. This means that the processes and procedures should be well-designed, well-documented, and well-managed. We work to develop and deliver solutions to ensure that the client has all the data, analysis, tools, and training necessary to achieve this objective. Typical solutions include:

  • Documenting operating practices, policies, and procedures
  • Operations staff training, technology integration, evaluation, and re-skilling
  • Implementation of management processes and controls and audit procedures
  • Network process re-engineering, which integrates engineering, implementation, operations, and support staff into a cohesive work team

Tobias International’s Network Operations service is available both on a project basis and as ongoing operations support. Projects include infrastructure analysis, workflow design, and implementation of processes and procedures. Operations support is engaged on annual, semi-annual, or custom priced contracts.

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