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SolarWinds Testimonials


At Tobias International, we have a strong track record of repeat business from our customers, and we continue to consistently work with new customers. We're honored by the testimonials from our clients.

Dave Perez’s visit to our site was very productive after we cleared a couple of hiccups preparing the environment. Dave is a great guy and the team was very pleased with his assistance. After speaking to Corwin and the Application Support team, it was agreed that having Dave visit our site for the remaining training in November would proof more valuable than having WebEx sessions.


I found Tobias International’s assistance with our SolarWinds implementation to be invaluable. While we probably could have muddled through on our own and eventually gotten the job done, Tobias provided the experienced hand and focus we needed to proceed efficiently and effectively, avoiding the pitfalls we would have inevitably encountered by trial and error.