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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What does Tobias International do?

A.  We are a premier provider of SolarWinds implementation, design, and optimization services and training. We have deep experience and proven success helping companies and government agencies of all sizes with their management of diverse and highly complex enterprise networks.

Whether you need us to design and deploy your network management platform such as SolarWinds, or if you’re just bridging the gap between where your organization is and where you’d like it to be, we deliver effective and demonstrated services and training.

Q.  How long has Tobias International been in business?

A.  Tobias International was founded by a group of former Cisco R&D engineers in 2010. Tobias International has assembled some of the leading experts in the field of Infrastructure Management. Our engineers have a strong foundation and depth of knowledge based on hands-on experience in the field; some of our engineers have 15 to 20 years in the industry. We’ve seen trends come and go, and we understand what really works.

Q. I really need SolarWinds help. Can Tobias International help me?

A.  YES! We have helped hundreds of clients with new SolarWinds installations and assisted an even greater number of existing SolarWinds customers to reap the maximum benefits from their installations through optimization and customization. Tobias International can also assist you with full lifecycle services for Network Management, which continues to be one of the most complex disciplines in the realm of Information Fechnology. This is due to the vast number of sub-disciplines required to successfully deploy a single Network Management System. Tobias International provides full lifecycle support for almost all of the major enterprise management platforms, including: ca Opscenter (Spectrum), HP Business Service Management (OpenView), IBM Tivoli Netcool, and many more… <MORE>

Q.  Is Tobias International an Authorized SolarWinds Partner?

A.  Yes, we specialize in SolarWinds Consulting and we are an Authorized Premier SolarWinds Services Partner. If you are looking for SolarWinds Professional Services, Training or Resources, Tobias International has the SolarWinds expertise available for either project-based or long-term engagements. <MORE>

Q.  What SolarWinds qualifications do your engineers have? Does Tobias International have SCPs on staff?

A.  Yes, we offer comprehensive professional services for customers in need of SolarWinds consulting, including knowledge transfer for your staff. All of our engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCPs) and have extensive experience creating monitoring solutions for Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, HP, VMware, and a wide range of other technologies prevalent in today’s IT environments. <MORE>

Q.  How many SolarWinds installations does Tobias International perform a year?

A.  Each year we perform an average of 100 full SolarWinds installations, and we provide tailored enhancements on about 130 others. <MORE>

Q.  What is the largest SolarWinds installation Tobias International has deployed?

A.  Tobias International offers SolarWinds award-winning network monitoring software that gives you a wide range of monitoring capabilities at an attractive price point. Whether you need to quickly detect and resolve network performance issues, monitor critical applications and storage arrays, log and take action on security events, or manage your organization’s incidents and change requests, SolarWinds has a solution for you and Tobias International can deliver it! These products are designed by engineers for engineers to manage IT environments ranging from 10 to tens of 1000s of network devices. <MORE>

Q.  SolarWinds has so many optional and customizable features. Can Tobias International help me build an efficient network management strategy using these features?

A.  Yes! Whether you’re installing or optimizing SolarWinds dashboards, custom polling, maps, or reporting features, our SolarWinds Certified Professionals have extensive experience tailoring SolarWinds solutions to best meet your enterprise needs. <MORE>

Q.  I’m ready to get help with SolarWinds. What is the process to engage Tobias International?

A.  Whether you need assistance with SolarWinds Planning and Assessment, Training, Design, Implementation, Management, Standards & Compliance, or Integration, contact Tobias International at:

+1 866-717-0002
[email protected]
PO BOX 170765, Austin, TX 78717
or click HERE

Q.  Does Tobias International perform Government Contracts? What about local governments SolarWinds projects? Does Tobias International service educational organizations and non-profits?

A.  Yes! Whether you represent a government agency, institution, business, or non-profit, Tobias International offers you an exciting portfolio of best-in-class technologies. We have focused our product lines to ensure that Tobias International offers the most innovative, and cost-effective solutions in each market segment. Our suppliers deliver best-of-breed technology, supported by comprehensive training and ongoing support. Tobias International completes that vision with responsiveness, expertise, and unparalleled support to ensure that your organization has the tools it needs to reach its goals, including help with Fortinet, Gigamon, Splunk, NetScout, Critical, SolarWinds, Infloblox, Skybox, Riverbed and Palo Alto.

Q.  What Network Management systems does Tobias International Support?

A.  Tobias International offers you help with a broad range of OSS and NMS vendors, including Cisco, SolarWinds, ca Opscenter (Spectrum), HP Business Service Management (OpenView), IBM Tivoli Netcool, Fortinet, Gigamon, Splunk, NetScout, Critical, Infloblox, Skybox, Riverbed and Palo Alto. <MORE>